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Every now and again something truly revolutionary springs forth onto the painting industry, and this is one. With the advent of low VOC, and zero VOC paints, what has happened is the paint tends to set up within the paint tray. Although most painters have been successful at adapting their habits to accommodate these faster drying products, there is still sometimes conditions such as extremely high walls, warm dry air, that can cause issues to arise. So along comes KOVRD, with the first, 2 in 1 paint tray bag and drop sheet (patent pending). This handy bag/dropsheet will accommodate all different sizes of trays, as well as your roller and brush, and offers a convenient solution to prevent the drying out of product in the tray and on the brushes and rollers. Now whomever is painting can conveniently stop for lunch, answer a phone, etc. by simply closing the flap, without having to clean up and continue later. Now it is still always recommended that you never stop mid wall, but stop at a natural break, and with the handy KOVRD 2 IN 1 BAG & DROPSHEET, you can simply zip up the bag with it's heavy duty 3 sided zipper, and you do not have to worry about spills and clean up. In it's open position it acts as a drop cloth for the tray with plenty of room to catch any spills that happen in and around the tray. It comes with a built in handle, which gives the added convenience of a dust free storage unit for painting equipment.

Check them out on the web, HERE, and find there products at Midnapore Paint & Decor, Calgary South Decorating.!

Kovrd 2 In 1



Exploring Colour with Benjamin Moore Paint


Personal Colour Viewer

Discover the adventure of colour. Create unique paint colour palettes for your home. Keep pace with the latest trends and styles in colour.

Let us show you how. The only limit is your imagination.

Personal Colour Viewer™

Experience colour combinations that you choose in different types of rooms. The Benjamin Moore Personal Colour Viewer will show you how paint colour combinations will look in a room or on a house before you pick up a paintbrush.

Click on the image of the Personal Colour Viewer to begin exploring how colour can enrich your life today.



New From Benjamin Moore...    ADVANCE


Benjamin Moore’s newest coating is something so advanced that the only possible name they could have given it, is ADVANCE.

              On first glance one would think this could not possibly be an Alkyd based paint…environmentally friendly… soap and water clean-up… quick dry times. But than when a person looks to the qualities and properties of the paint they find easy application, remarkable leveling properties with exceptional flow, unsurpassed adhesion qualities and a product that dries to a hard, durable surface enabling many years of worry free beauty.

              So what is Advance? “Advance is truly an Alkyd, not a hybrid,” says Carl Minchew, director of product development for Benjamin Moore. The key to the product is the “mineral” formulation as opposed to the previous industry standard of deriving the resins from petrochemicals. As a result of that innovation, Benjamin Moore developed an Alkyd mineral based product that can be tinted with its proprietary “Gennex” waterborne colourants, which are VOC-free, preserving the low-VOC content of the coating formulation regardless of the colour.

              What this gives the consumer is another choice when it comes to durability. Traditionally alkyd paints were only used for trim, doors, cabinetry, furniture, etc. however with Advance, it is most likely to win favour as a wall finish, due to the available flat finish that will stand up to repeated washings with remarkable touch up qualities.

              Advance is truly another giant leap forward in the coating’s industry. Now available at Calgary South Decorating, Midnapore Paint & Decor.



NEW!  Painters FROG TAPE



Finally there's a crepe masking tape that creates clean, sharp lines. Only Frog Tape uses exclusive PaintBlock technology that stops paint from bleeding under, making touch ups a thing of the past!

PaintBlock is a super absorbent polymer which reacts with latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed.

Frog tape is a medium adhesion painters tape designed to be used on:

  • Cured painted walls
  • Wood Trim
  • Glass
  • Metal

Frog Tape will remove cleanly from the most surfaces up to 21 days, and up to 7 days when in direct sunlight.

For more information and informative videos go to



Seal Krete Oil Stain Remover

Safe to use:
• Non-caustic
• Phosphate free
• Biodegradable
• Water soluble
• Easy disposal

OSR is a powerful, citrus based, liquid cleaner that absorbs petroleum-based stains and spills from concrete driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways and more. It outperforms conventional liquid degreasers and dry absorbent materials by removing both the spill and the stain. OSR turns from liquid into a powder allowing stains to be literally swept up or rinsed away without heavy scrubbing!

Clear Grip

Clear Grip is a durable, micronized polymeric aggregate developed for use as an anti skid additive to floor paint and sealers. Because it's a lightweight plastic grit, it stays suspended longer. Adds texture but can even be used in all clear or solid coats, as well as water-based, solvent based, alkyd, urethane, or epoxy coatings.


Lock Down is a self cross linking epoxy floor bonding primer for concrete surfaces.

• Improves topcoat adhesion by 50%
• Locks paint onto concrete surfaces
• Reduces Hot Tire Pickup
• Low Odor
• Water Clean-Up
• Helps prevent peeling and cracking paint



Seal Krete        Lock Down  OSR Clear Grip

Visit their website today to check out some of their products you can find in our stores today!






  • Strongly bonds to hard, glossy surfaces. Provides a strong surface for the top coat to adhere to
  • Cures in low temperatures- down to 2 degrees Celsius
  • Can be top coated with latex, Alkyd, Epoxy, Urethane, or Lacquer Coatings
  • Enhances sheen uniformity
  • Waterborne- Low VOC and Low Odour
  • Levels to a smooth finish
  • Resists blistering, cracking and wrinkling of top coat, caused by moisture
  • Clean up brushes, rollers, spray equipment with soap and water


Where to Use:

  • Aluminum
  • Brick
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Drywall
  • Fiberglass
  • Formica, counter tops
  • Glass
  • Glazed Block
  • Old Glossy paint

Anything that is hard to stick to, you can count on STIX!



Check this product out from Insl-x


Any where you need an extremely durable, slip resistant coating this is the product for you!

Excellent abrasion resistance

Excellent colour retention

Very resistant to ponding water, makes it the perfect choice around pools

Interior/ Exterior

Soap and Water Clean-up

Fast Dry

Use around pools, walkways, stairs, tennis courts, ramps... anywhere added traction is needed

this is the product for you!




Cabinet coat


Want to make those old kitchen cabinets look new again?

Super Adherent, so no primer is needed when going over hard to stick to surfaces such as polyurethane

or varnish.

Exceptional leveling leaves an extremely hard, silky smooth factory looking finish.

Cabinet Coat is the finest waterborne enamel available today.



INSL-X        Visit their website or check out the product today in our stores!


Benjamin Moore Paint

paintAura Waterborne Exterior Paint

We’ve jump started spring! Depending on the weather you might not be able to start painting your whole exterior, however if you want to welcome spring in with a blast, why not paint your front door a bright bold colour to chase away those winter blues...

Did you know Aura Exterior can be applied at temperatures as low as 4.4º C ?



Seymour Spray Paint

Custom Spray Cans

Did you know we can custom fill spray cans? Oil or Water Base!

SeymourSeymourWe carry the full line of Seymour spray paints, the inventor of aerosol paint! Back in 1949, founder Ed Seymour invented the spray aerosol based on the same principles as spray deodorizers, and insecticides. Although it was originally done simply for demonstration purposes, it proved so popular that with an investment of a few thousand dollars from a bank, he developed this revolutionary new idea.

We carry their line of high build industrial sprays as well as the quick dry enamels in the most common colors! Seymour uses only the finest raw materials to ensure customers with consistently superior quality & value.

We will custom match or make them in stock Benjamin Moore Colours and finishes!

Preferred Customer Account Application

Open a Free customer account and start taking advantage of these benefits!

  • Remove the clutter caused by old paint cans in the basement and garage- we will keep track of all your previous colors, making it incredibly easy to re-order paint when required!
  • Need color matching? Not a problem we will color match and keep that formula and product info in your own customer file.
  • We will keep you up to date of all on-line and store specials, promotions and sales!

Opening up your account is Free, and easy simply complete the form below and click submit, or stop by and visit the store today! Midnapore Paint & Decor and Calgary South Decorating we are committed to maintaining the security of any personal and identifiable information obtained through our site. Maintaining a high degree of confidence from you, our customer is of the utmost importance to us. We do not distribute or sell customers information EVER.

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Mold Control

The standard way to deal with mold has always been bleach. Although it is very effective, it does leave the family exposed to a potentially harmful chemical. Of course after cleaning with bleach, the mold promptly starts to grow again, and subsequently the cycle is repeated again and again.

Calgary South Decorating and Midnapore Paint & Decor are constantly trying to find environmentally friendly solutions to everyday problems.

We are proud to offer you the consumer MOLD CONTROL from Concrobium. The cool thing about this product is that it stays on the surface to provide continual resistance against mold regrowth.

Visit their website or come on by the stores to check out this innovative product today!



mold control






Benjamin Moore & Cambria Countertops


Cambria, an industry leader in the manufacturing of quartz countertops and Benjamin Moore have joined forces to offer pre-selected countertop and paint colour combinations to help you achieve a designer look in your home or business.


       Visit Cambria at today!


As well, you can visit Calgary South Decorating, Midnapore Paint & Decor they have actual testers of all the colours in this program.