Premium Benjamin Moore Paint

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So seriously, how important is the quality of the paint?

That is a fair question we here time and time again, and let me start off the answer with first and foremost, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

It seems that quite often many tend to take quality for granted when it comes to our decorating purchases. When this happens is usually at the point when a person tries to save money and buy cheap paint. Sure at the point of purchase a person will feel good and think “wow I saved money!” However once the project starts this is when we begin to hear the horror DIY stories. They almost always begin with “the paint did not cover well,” and are than followed up with the “every time I wash the wall the paint comes off, or burnishes, or scuffs too easy.” All of these problems are related to quality! Paints today are not the paints of old, they contain more sophisticated and innovative technology and Benjamin Moore is at the forefront of it all. This is also where dealing with knowledgeable people is so important. There is a multitude of questions that is critical to enabling you get the right product to complete the task. This is where money is truly saved… in time…your time. Top quality interior and exterior Paints will:

  • Go on smoothly and evenly
  • Cover exceptionally well
  • Are for more durable
  • Resist cracking and flaking
  • Adhere better
  • Resist fading
  • Deter mildew growth

 As well many of the new high quality paints from Benjamin Moore, are waterborne solvent free which lets you get the room back together with little or no odor. Check them out in our eco friendly section.