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You can be assured Calgary South Decorating, and Midnapore Paint & Decor, are doing their best to make it easier for our customers to understand their options and choices when it comes to the vast number of products available to you the consumer.                                                                                                                        We are proud to display Benjamin Moore's Green Promise Logo. Benjamin Moore is at the industry forefront when it comes to developing new technologies to produce more environmentally sensitive products that don't compromise performance like those of our competitors. In fact, Benjamin Moore's technologies maximize their coatings' performance attributes, with paints that are easier to apply, provide superior coverage, and dry quickly for same day return to service.                                                                                                                             As well did you know that for over 20 years Sansin Enviro Wood Stains have pioneered the use of environmentally friendly water-borne protection technologies that deliver outstanding performance. This technology is inspired by a thousand year old tradition that uses nature's own ingredients-resins and gums from the heartwood of trees, to deliver sustainable protection. Our objective, to help wood protect itself, is implemented by developing innovative materials and processes which reduce the impact of our coatings on the environment. Again and again our history has demonstrated that going green actually can enhance performance!

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Benjamin Moore Aura Interior & Exterior

Quite Simply the finest paint we ever made.

 See color like you've never seen it before - discernibly truer, richer hues that bring a new dimension of beauty to your home. Experience premium performance in a paint with incredible hide, and fade and color rub-off resistance.  Benjamin Moore Aura offers the most advanced way to bring color to your world with the next generation of paint that simplifies your life. Our patented breakthrough paint technology, called Color Lock, is the only one of its kind in the industry, bringing you a discernibly richer, truer color, paired with incomparable performance.

View these Aura Videos to see and learn about the Aura difference!

Download our Handy Aura Application Guide Here.

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“Benjamin Moore’s mission statement is: Together, we will create a uniquely colourful decorating experience, with the highest level of products and expertise, to inspire customers to achieve the ultimate expression of their personal style. Calgary South Decorating and Midnapore Paint & Decor would like to believe that we embody the very essence of that mission statement. We work together with local designers, and home builders to ensure that they have the tools they need to help make your design choices easier. In the store, we have knowledgeable, trained staff to provide you the customer with many feasible options within your budget to take your ideas, and design goals and find the best solutions for your space.”   What's so special about Wythe Blue you ask? Click the colour to find out...


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In 1993, Pat Struth brought to Calgary South Decorating on Mcleod Trail, a vision. It was simply to become a business built on integrity, commitment to excellence and a dedication to staying on top of the ever changing trends of the coatings industry.

In 2010, Pat has branched out yet in order to ensure customers in the south are taken care of with the same vision he originally set out with Calgary South Decorating. Formerly Bannister Road Overwalls, Pat has now teamed up with Marla Rylands to turn the store into Midnapore Paint & Decor. Marla brings to the table 15 years experience. These stores have an extensive selection of products and tools for all your decorating needs, as well as highly trained skilled professionals in the store to help a customer out with any decorating dilemma.