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Wythe Blue is the colour of the year for 2012.

Wythe Blue HC-143. Steeped in tradition, the refined, the simply elegant, Wythe Blue, was inspired by documented colours found in 18th and 19th century architecture. Often referred to as a "Spa Colour" it conveys a sense of calm, relaxation and trust. Sonu Mathew, Benjamin Moore's senior interior designer, explains how it came about. "We actually cited it because it has a modern edge, yet it's so rooted in history and is respectful of what's classic and enduring."



       Marla Rylands co-owner of Midnapore Paint & Decor explains why she loves it. "Colours in the blue family always seem to provide a soothing backdrop to our somewhat hectic lives." "Wythe Blue will provide a serene space that can be complimented with any wood tones as well as complement the basic greys and whites that seem to be so prevalent in today's decorating palettes."

        Evidently this colour is also an important element when bringing together an Eco Trend into your decorating as well. Flora and fauna, water and sky, moss and rock. Nature's elements unite in a style savvy look that transcends its organic roots. Refreshing white and blue balance the palette, offering a calm relaxing respite from the busy world.

         Colours that work with Wythe Blue? Try bringing in elements of Storm Cloud Gray 2140-40, Fresh Olive 2149-30, Sharkskin 2139-30, or Battenberg AF-70 for the perfect trim colour.


       Looking for a way you can bring Benjamin Moore's 2012 Colour of the year HC-143 Wythe Blue into your home? Head on down to Midnapore Paint & Decor, or Calgary South Decorating. They are the professionals who can get you set up with the right tools, the right premium products, and the right advice!


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own pace.


2011 Colour of the Year


Vintage Wine

Benjamin Moore's colour designers are forecasting "Vintage Wine, 2116-20" as Envision Colour's 2011 Colour of the Year. Vintage wine is an anchoring, rich hue that combines the comfort of a brown with the luxury of a smoky violet.

Sonu Mathews, Senior Manager of architectural and design markets, describes it best, "It's a colour that's is luxurious and comfortable at the same time. Violet has always been a colour linked to royalty because it was so hard to get the dye (dye for violet was created by crushing mollusks and not everyone could get their hands on thousands of those little treasures.) That reputation followed as violet was used rather exclusively for royal garb and the robes of religious leaders. Vintage Wine has a layer of rich brown which is culturally a colour of comfort and familiarity. Think of things that give us a sense of relaxation like nature (soil/wood), chocolate... when the two sensations come together, we have Vintage Wine to represent the idea of balance."

Check out this link to Benjamin Moore's VINTAGE WINE 2116-20

And for more amazing reading on colour and how it affects you, don't forget to check out the links to Sonu Mathews' blog below!

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Wallpaper! Wallpaper! Wallpaper!

Stacy Garcia


Yes, Wallpaper is back... but let's face it... we knew it would come around on the design cycle once again. Not to fear though! Those over the top garden patterns, chintzy borders... all a thing of the past... replaced by timeless elegant patterns, bold rich textures, fresh modern colours, with many brought to you by some of the world's top designers.

Clarke & Clarke, Graham & Brown, Raymond Waites, Stacy Garcia, Carey Lind, and Candace Olsen. Top designers from around the globe, have helped to empower the new home owner to exercise their own funky sense of style. The neutral monochromatic look of the nineties has become, well, oh so nineties, and inspiration is coming from all places. Coverings that look like leather, damasks, shiny gold and silver metallics are all available and as well... budget friendly.

An instant impact... a blast of style is easily attainable as a feature wall in the living room, a master bedroom and even in the en suite. Easy to keep clean and most importantly, the wallpapers of today are removable, not nearly as tough to remove as they were twenty years ago.

Midnapore Paint & Decor, and Calgary South Decorating are proud to carry books from:

Crown wallpaper

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